Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Enjoying the Moment...

The last week has been a great Disc Golf week for me. I have played some of my best DG and had so much fun. I have fun even when I'm last on the card, but it's amazing how much more fun it is when you're playing well.

Weekend before last I was able to play well enough to help Austin to win our division at the June Juggernaut charity doubles tournament. My first ever win in any event I've ever played in.

It must have carried over. Last Saturday at Dorey Park for the Battlefield Open I was determined to have fun no matter what. But I did have a feeling of confidence I had never had before. I missed some drives and gacked a few holes. I could have done at minimum 5 strokes better. But my putting was on target for the most part and I was hitting 20'-30' consistently for the first time.

Getting back in to tournament play my first goal was just to not finish last. Then my goal was to finish in the top half, then make the prize cut. I was able to make two goals with this effort. To commemorate this I decided to dye me a trophy wall hanger with one of my prize discs.

Hopefully I can keep this going. My next goal is to become competitive in AM Masters.

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